Wholesale services for salons and stylists

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What we can do for wholesale clients?

Comprehensive Marketing Service

HiGorgeous's sales team will answer your emails within 24 hours.
You will receive professional suggestion on products lines, colors series, hair care and maintenance, etc. You will be provided with detailed information of our factories and knowledge of production. All your orders will be tracked precisely and after-sales service can be assured as well.

Private Label Service

HiGorgeous offers private labeled packaging and can fulfill the design for free. You will find here cardboards, boxes, bags, cartons and any other packaging of a wide range of designs and materials.

Accessories Supply

Besides hair products, HiGorgeous supplies accessories such as micro rings, beads tools, clips, double-side tapes, wigs caps, brushes, etc. Moreover, if you need some special products, we would be glad to source for you.